About Me

Antonio Juan Benítez Rojas


Antonio is a Venezuelan lawyer graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), with studies in Labor Law (UCAB) and Procedural Labor Law (UAM).

Antonio has advanced command of the English language, with work experience ranging from private law firms and labor courts of the Miranda and Vargas states.  He attained the position of Assistant Lawyer and Temporary Labor Judge.

Entrepreneur by nature, he currently serves as an independent legal translator for  immigration law firms within the United States, including those belonging to attorneys Allison Avent and Derrick Hensley.

He is the writer of innumerable articles for SEO specialists, among which is the prestigious Spanish agency Big SEO, as well as for his personal project “Tips para ser feliz” (Tips to be happy) and his Content Writing and Translation Services Company A2B Translations.